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Welcome to our underwater world, experience this extraordinary world by diving with the scuba diving instructors at Scubanauts dive school, Malta.

Diving has never been made easier with Scubanauts, both experienced Scuba divers and newly qualified Scuba divers are welcome, we will tailor your diving to suit your needs.

Our PADI professional instructors are amongst some of the friendliest and experienced professional divers Malta has to offer, Scubanauts dive school is known as the friendliest dive school on the Island, with many of our clients coming back year after year, we teach all of PADI dive courses in an informal, relaxed, and friendly atmosphere.

If you are not a PADI scuba diver then no problem we recognize scuba divers from all the other scuba diving organizations, so long as you’re willing to relax and have fun.

Tired of being just another diver and rushed in and out of the water with large groups of other divers, at Scubanauts we like to keep our diving groups small so you can maximize your diving experience with us, and this also helps maximizes safety.

Scubanauts is not only for the experience scuba diver, if you have yet to experience the fantastic world of scuba diving in Malta they not only do we teach all the PADI scuba diving course`s we also offer SCUBA SAFARI`s (Try Dives) on our fantastic house reef, which offers a wide variety of underwater sea life in a safe and shallow environment ideal for the budding scuba diver.

Malta has a some of the best scuba diving sites in the Mediterranean sea and our guided scuba diving tours for qualified divers are very popular, our PADI professional diving instructors will take you to the best scuba diving sites Malta has to offer that suits you current level of qualification.

We also offer a full range of accommodation, at very competitive rates, we can also arrange transfers to and from the airport, in fact we will assist you in anyway we can to help you arrange you Scuba diving holiday in Malta,for further information or general questions please feel free to contact us.

The Maltese Islands

The Maltese islands are located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, approximately 95km south of Sicily and 285km from Tunisia. Making Malta a popular destination for qualified scuba divers to come diving, and a great place for beginners to learn how to scuba dive!

Since Malta is a relatively small island, you are never more than a 20 minute drive to the sea. Should the weather conditions not be favorable for scuba diving on one side, usually we can simply drive to the other side and dive. Malta’s shoreline provides a rich variety of sandy beaches, harbors, creeks and rocky bays; and amounts to approximately 136 kilometers of breathtaking scenery, making it ideal for sightseeing while you are not scuba diving!

Gozo, the next biggest island, has a very similar shoreline which spans approximately 43 kilometers, and is home to the famous Island sea and the Blue Hole dive site - a must see when scuba diving on the island. Other islands include; Comino, Cominotto, Filfla and St Paul's Isles and all provide scuba diving opportunities

Malta’s heritage spans over 4,000 years, from which you can see a rich variety of architecture from the Neolithic temples dotted around the island, to the stunning beauty of the cities built during the Middle and Renaissance eras.

The main language is Maltese, with English as a secondary language that is spoken by most people around the island. The Maltese drive on the left hand side of the road, and all the main cities and sites in Malta can be reached using the many buses that depart form the Capital (Valletta).

The Maltese islands' climate is a mild one, with the average winter temperature around 10 degrees centigrade. The total annual rainfall is about 50cm (20 inches) and it very rarely rains, if ever! During the summer months temperatures can reach into the 30’s (degrees centigrade).

Malta’s Geology is such that it has no mountains or rivers, but a series of low hills with terraced fields on the slopes that characterize the Island.

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Best dive school in Malta - Trip advisor reviews (click to see)



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