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Um El Faroud - Tanker

This is a very popular dive which starts with an entry into the water from a small, narrow quay. Having entered the water we surface swim across the bay to the other side, be careful of the boats taking tourists to the Blue Grotto. Here we take a compass bearing to the right of the small Island of Filfla, which can be seen in the background. Descending 10 meters within the inlet as we swim along the bearing.

Seafalcon 1969 aka um el faroud

Seafalcon 1969 , later renamed Um El Faroud...

Faroud Stern

Looking down we can see the entrance to the cave and as we keep going we can spot a statue of a divers helmet that was deposited some years ago by a local diving club. Keeping our bearing we should start our decent as we approach the UM EL FAROUD from the stern.

The Deck sits at 30m while the prop sits at 36m. Here at the back we can enter the kitchen (if properly certified as Wreck Diver specialty) and work our way through the ship.

If not suitably qualified we can follow the walkways to the left or the right of the ship. Inside can easily be seen as all of the doors and windows and a few extra holes we cut into her specifically for divers.

The ship now lies in two half's and measures 110m long, the front part of the ship has now split away at a 20/30 degree angle and is slowly being moved by the winter storms. Here we can swim between and actually see the belly of the ship.

Faroud Gap

Mild currents can be experienced here so please be careful. Many fish can be seen especially during the summer from Barracuda`s, Tuna, Wrasse to Cuttle Fish, Octopus, John Dory`s and even the odd Sting Ray. In fact during the beginning of our 2006 season one of our instructors was even buzzed by 2 dolphins so you never know....

Faroud from Above Faroud SideFaroud Top