Blenheim Bomber

This is a magnificent boat dive, and could rate as a top ten dive site!

The aircraft quickly begins to take shape as you descend. The wings and engine are virtually intact although the port side propellers are missing. The cockpit cover is also missing suggesting that the crew may have ejected prior to ditching. The pilot’s seat and control column are intact and altogether these aspects form the main section.


The fuselage is detached and lies upside down to the front. Altogether this allows divers to explore and inspect the entire wreckage without getting out of site from there buddies. The wheels are still to be founded on the underside of both wings, still retracted.

The engines are exposed enabling us to inspect many parts that make up the 920hp Bristol Mercury Engines. The control lever is directly in front of the pilots seat. Marine life that may be seen on this dive are red crabs, hermit crabs and scorpion fish.

Relevant Depths

42 Metres to Aircraft