Carolita Barge

On the 21st April 1942, the barge was moored at the submarine depot on Manoel Island. She was possibly mistaken for a submarine in the dark when a torpedo struck her in the stern and she sank immediately.

On route to the wreck swimming between 10 and 15 metres we will encounter a variety of interesting artefacts such as bath tubs, hospital beds, wheel chairs, typewriters, various interesting bottles and other paraphernalia all thrown into the sea at some time during or after the war.

The Carolita is in remarkable condition! The bows are long and straight with double bollards on each side. The deck is flat leading to a double access hatch with a ladder leading downwards towards the vessels interior. Towards the stern, is the large covered hatchway that once gave access to the cargo hold. Right behind the hatch, is the wheel house which sits immediately above the damaged stern.

The floor of the wheel house is missing revealing the engine room. The torpedo damage at the stern is the only visibly damage to the vessel- although quite extensive.

The stern section is completely broken away and leans over on its starboard side. Marine life that can be encountered on this dive are Octopus, small Groupers, Damselfish and Stone fish.

Relevant Depths

6 Metres to the top of the wreck
25 Metres to the bottom of the wreck