Cirkewwa or Mafia Point

Commonly known as Cirkewwa. The dive begins in very shallow water leading into a wider area known as “the valley”. This is an oblong chute which leads directly to the reef wall and is ideal area for decompression after the dive. At the drop off, there is a cave to the left.

On leaving the cave we drop to the bottom of the reef wall and turn right heading a generally north direction but following the contours of the reef. Here we find large rocky promontory where there are some very large boulders providing a home for countless creatures.

Further to the north is a smaller, rocky headland and this marks the turning point of the dive. We ascend from 33 metres to 15 metres, heading towards a narrow tunnel leading through the rock. Further south we find another smaller swim through in the rocks.

A short distance further on we find a very small cave with an almost life size statue of the Madonna is located. Then we head back to the valley and onto the exit point. Marine life that have been seen on this dive are Barracudas, Tuna, Wrasse, Damselfish, Mullet, Seabream, Octopus, Moray eel and Mackrel.

Relevant Depths

33 metres to seabed
15 metres to tunnel
5 metres to the valley