Comino Land and Karwela Deco stop

The sinking of the Karwela and the Comino Land was a huge success, if not a very timely event.

New Gozo wreck  Gozo New wreck

After nearly six hours of waiting the Karwela went down, very spectacularly and is now lying upright with the bottom at about 40 meters.

The Comino Land followed quite quickly and gave a bit of a scare as it seemed to capsize when it went over. This time however they had attached floats to the top side of the wrecks and these managed to keep the decks up as they sank. The Comino Land is now lying slightly on its side in about 22 meters. They have put the boats quite close to each other and are easily accessible from shore. We even have ladders to help in and out.

Beetle on wreck Beetle on deck

There is quite a nice reef near the exit at 7 to 5 meters, which is perfect for working of the deco and making safety stops. The road and the car park have also been improved and there are no problems taking even a small car down there now.