Ghar Lapsi

Here we find a large slipway leading down to the entry point at the end of the concrete path, a ladder provided for swimmers marks the entrance to a shallow cave on this dive, the cave entrance is narrow but once inside its is wide and flat and there are a number of different entrances and exits.

The sun reflects through these entrances and exits creating marvellous underwater images. Swimming out of the cave, we cross over a large reef, between a cliff and the reef large boulders are all over the seabed which is 20 metres at it deepest, some very rare fish have been know to frequent this dive site.

Large areas are covered in sea grass and the chances of discovering the small creatures such as sea horse, nudibranch and sea hares are good.

Circumnavigating the reef brings us back opposite the cave, continuing back to the entry point we cross over a sandy area and here we can see flying Gurnard. We then exit via the bay entrance.

Relevant Depths

Max depth on dive 20 Meters