Patrol Boat P29 (A125)

P29 an ex DDR minesweeper sank for divers on the 14th August 2007...

This is an ex German (62 m long, 16 m high and 7m wide) Kondo class minesweeper vessel that was deliberately sunk about 170m from the shore between Cirkewwa Point and Lantern Point.

It is the latest in a series of wrecks to be scuttled off Malta as artificial reefs for divers.

This ship can be accessed easily from shore, by swimming directly West (270 degrees) from the drop off at Susie`s pool for about 5 min depending on currents, however be careful as the ship faces Bow to shore so can be missed in poor viability.

The vessel was cleaned and stripped of all toxic, dangerous and polluting substances, and can be easily penetrated for suitable qualified divers.

Although not as abundant in sea life as the Rozi for the time being plenty of fish can be seen on the way out to the wreck.

p 29

Relevant Depths

30 metres at deck level
36 - 38 metres to the seabed