Dive Sites in Gozo

Below you will find a list of just some of the available dive sites, together with a breif description, each with something different but equally interesting to offer. To view more detailed information about them, please select the name of the dive site.

Xlendi Bay

This is quiet a shallow dive and good for those new to cave diving. The maximum depth is 12 metres found at the bottom of the bay on the crossing, full of large areas of sea grass and sandy bottoms consisting of many different species of fish – especially juveniles.

The Blue Hole

The blue hole is a spectacular and memorable dive. We enter what appears to be nothing more than a rock pool that is no more than 10 metres across. As we descend we exit the pool through a great archway at 7 meters, then turning left above some huge boulders we may see moray eel.

Billingshurst Cave

The top of the cave entrance is just above the surface and the bottom is at 27 metres. A long tunnel called the Railway tunnel on its account of its size it leads to a further cave where we can surface.

Comino Land and Karwela (wrecks)

The sinking of the Karwela and the Comino Land was a huge success, if not a very timely event.