The Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is possibly the most popular dive site in Gozo. On this dive you enter the water via the blue hole, the side of the hole is shallow allowing you to put on your fins and sort out your equipment.

Once kited up and in the water the hole drops off to 15 m with the top of the window sitting at 7 m, here also sits a cave which extends at least 15 m under the rock.

Once through this turning right will take you underneath the Azure window where there are many boulders and rocks, watch out for tuna and big groupers. Turning left will take you onto the reef, please note the reef extends downwards in excess of 50m so watch your depth.  This way also leads to the coral gardens which can be accessed though a small vertical swim though at 20 meters, inside the depths are quite shallow form 2 to 5 m, here if you are lucky can be seen the occasional Sea Horse.

Exiting through a channel on the other side we can swim back to the Blue hole to the exit point. Again the reef wall is quite steep and extends to 50 meters plus, so watch your depth.

We find various species such as Octopus, Starfish, and Fire worms, in between the crevices we find cardinal fish, sea urchins even the long spine sea urchins and colourful sponges. Also can been seen are Barracuda, and Tuna as well as Bullet Tuna if you are quick enough.