The Tugboat Rozi

The Rozi is a 40 metre harbour tug which was deliberately sunk in 1991 as an extra addition for the operators of a glass-bottomed boat. Apart from the engines and propeller, which were removed prior to sinking the Rozi is completely intact and sits upright on the seabed with all its fittings in place.

The bows are quiet dramatic with large lorry tyres – used once as fenders, still in place. Beyond a short area of forward deck space you discover the wheelhouse. Which can be safely entered. Immediately astern of the wheelhouse is a narrow gap before you find the funnel. Below the wheelhouse and funnel are various doorways one of the doorways leading to the head (toilets) still in place. Towards the stern there is a large open space.

Rozi Tug Boat Rozi Stern

Once off the Rozi one can look back and usually see the whole tug. Before getting to the exit point you come across a reef with an abundance of marine life. Marine life that have been seen on this dive to mention a few are Barracuda, Damselfish, Groupers, Moray eel, Octopus, Seabream and Wrasses.

Tug Boat Rozi Wheel House View

Relevant Depths

30 metres to the top of the wreck
32 metres at deck level
36 metres to the seabed