Wied Iz-Zurrieq / Blue Grotto

This is a very popular dive which starts with an entry into the water from a small, narrow quay. Having entered the water we go down to 10 metres within the inlet as we swim across to the far side before turning left and heading out towards the open sea.

Keeping the rocky shoreline to our right we drop down to a depth of 27 metres and follow the natural contours. After a short distance we discover the incredible “bell tower cave” which has 3 narrow entrances. The largest of these is at the base of 27 metres, inside the cave there is enough room for 2-3 divers and is full of Cardinal fish.

Leaving the cave we progress along the wall, there are so many fish – painted combers, damsel fish, rainbow and Turkish wrasse, saupe, goatfish, scorpion fish and even a sea horse or two!

Continuing along we find another cave at 25 metres which is much larger entrance than the “bell” and thus the point to turn back.