Xlendi Bay

This is quiet a shallow dive and good for those new to cave diving. The maximum depth is 12 metres found at the bottom of the bay on the crossing, full of large areas of sea grass and sandy bottoms consisting of many different species of fish – especially juveniles.

Small barracudas 5-6 centimetres in length are common at certain times of the year. At the entrance to the cave we find goat fish and painted combers feeding on the cave floor, with numerous damsel fish and cardinal fish above them. Xlendi cave is a large bent tunnel which joins both sides of the rocky promontory which joins both sides of the northern part of Xlendi bay.

Throughout the dive inside the cave we become progressively shallower and and can surface before continuing with the dive, after enjoying the confines of the cave, we emerge into an area rich in marine life, groupers, octopus, scorpion fish and amberjacks.